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test [Thursday
June 15th, 2006

this weekend [Wednesday
May 17th, 2006
[ mood | sick ]

so i dont feel to great right now....

but i will tell about my weekend

so on friday aftor school lally cane over and then me and him went to chris house with jill we chilled at his house we made brownies!! then we went to the battle of the bands and eris band won. then we went back to chris houes and had pizza then my mommy cant to get me and lally at 11 and we drove him home.

then on sat it was me and matts two month!!!!!
i love that boy
on sat josh did my hair! it was mad sweet
then lally came over and we chilled then later that night bets and josh and tom come home and we watched a movie w/ mom and dad and the 5 of us.

then on sunday i went to brunch with my dads side of the family. and then we went to my moms moms house and chilled then i went home to do h/w

it was a really fun filled weekend!!

matt i love you soo much happy 2 months and 4 days baby



May 10th, 2006
[ mood | nerdy ]

so molly is like cut opennnnn!!!!!!!!!!!


ive been going to see her everyday! shes doing better and can walk now. i love you mollyyy

so this weekend i went to lallys on friday aftor i went to see molly
then on sat me and lally made molly cookies funnnn times i love you baby and then went to mollys to give them to her we chilled there for a wile then came back here then we took him home and meg picked me up to go to the talent show we went with her dad and sister some people sang some lame songs..... some kid riped off dane cook and some bands played songs and wernt togther it was funny though i was pissed about the dane cook thing though i mean wtffffff what a fag he was gothis too HA

well that it

i love you matt<3


May 2nd, 2006
[ mood | happy ]

Well this weekend way fun.
On friday I went to Mollys with Meg Alyssa and Jill. We chilled and then Trav and Cam came over to Mollys and we all watched Rocky Horror Picture Show. It was mad tripy and funny i love it! Then i slept over molly's house.
Then on sat me and Alyssa got ready and then we went to Matthews with Adam and the 4 of us chilled in his sweet GREEN room.

Thats all Kbye.

Matthew Lally = LOVE<3


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